at Katie’s of Smithtown

on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th, 2017

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The 2017 WUSB BENEFEST, our 3rd annual “BENEFEST” event…is a two day music festival / fundraiser, being hosted by Katie’s of Smithtown, to help raise operating and equipment funds for Long Island’s largest non-commercial radio station. This year is WUSB Radio’s 40th year in operation, and we are very excited to be helping them celebrate and commemorate the 4 decades of invaluable community service they have provided.

The following 40 bands and solo artists have volunteered their time for the cause!

On SATURDAY 9/9/17 starting at 12:00 noon: Bob Westcott, Hank Stone, Jim Dexter, Kegbelly, Toby Tobias Ensemble, New York House of Voodoo, Dave Christian Project, 42nd & Nelson, Brother Dave & The Brave, Dave Diamond Band, Richard Lanahan, Blue Moon Rising, Ying Yang, Johnny Mac Band, Christine Sweeney & The Dirty Stayouts, Ad Astra, Alan Semerdjian and Surreal, Finn and His Rustkickers, Robinson Treacher, The Walk-A-Bout, Monsoon Groove, Finally Balanced, Project Vibe, and…

On SUNDAY 9/10/17 starting at 12:00 noon: Joe Vignola & Shecky Davis, Breaking Dawn, Rocket & The Launchers, Frune, Miles to Dayton Trio, Mark Newman Band, Rorie Kelly, Kerry Kearney Band, Jellyband, Gary Sellers Band, Quarter Horse, Pamela Betti, The Brother Pluckers, Danny Kean, Robert Bruey, A Band Called Sam, and Jay Reilly.

After nearly 4 decades at the same location, WUSB is currently being relocated to a new facility on the campus of Stony Brook University. It’s an opportunity for WUSB 90.1 to once again reinvent itself. As a non-commercial, college, community and educational FM station, funds are always in short supply and need to be carefully managed and supplemented by events such as this one. All proceeds raised at this year’s event will go towards paying the remaining cost of a transmitter upgrade, helping with the move, and to organize, digitize and preserve the vast archive of analog recordings they have accumulated over the past 40 years in operation!

Please visit us at WWW.WUSB-BENEFEST.COM for updates and more information or contact Dave at [email protected], Michele at [email protected] or Kevin at [email protected].

Katie’s of Smithtown

Katie’s of Smithtown is located at 145 West Main Street in Smithtown, easily accessible by car and is walking distance from the Smithtown LIRR station. With an atmosphere that reflects its rich history, a great stage and a back patio performance area, fully equipped with an awesome food truck, Katie’s is the perfect venue for this event. Contact Brian 631-360-8556 for more venue information.

About WUSB

WUSB-FM is Long Island’s largest and most powerful non-commercial FM radio signal, broadcasting from their studios on the campus of Stony Brook University on 90.1 FM since 1977 (and now also at 107.3 FM). For the last 40 years, they have been providing us with a diverse broadcast mix of music, news, public affairs, drama and sports programming. The 24/7 schedule has been made possible by the volunteer staff of over 160 Stony Brook students, faculty/staff, alumni and community residents. Their behind-the-scenes efforts as well as their on-air work, combined with the integration of a variety of nationally syndicated radio programs, has provided and continues to provide the 168 hours per week of innovative and high-quality radio content.

WUSB is licensed by the FCC to Stony Brook University as a 3,600 watt non-commercial station located on the campus of Stony Brook University and is an active participant in the community of non-commercial radio broadcasters, with memberships in: The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI), The National Federation of Community Broadcasters, The College Media Association, and is also an affiliate of Pacifica Radio’s “Democracy Now”

WUSB is funded by listener donations, Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Student Organization, local business underwriting grants, the undergraduate and graduate students of Stony Brook University, and fundraisers like this one.

Please Listen at 90.1 FM on Long Island and Southern Connecticut or online at WWW.WUSB.FM

Studio: 631-632-6901
Office: 631-632-6828